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Friends and Trains

I had better write an article today. The pressure from the family is mounting and we're about to take a mammoth train trip that will probably leave us internetless for a few days.

We got our train passes and immediately headed out on our pilgrimage to Shikoku. It was awesome. We'd never seen rural Japan before, but it was beautiful. There was a constant wind, which was the only thing you could hear once the train left. It sounded like a ghost town.

Some of the houses were built in such a traditional style that I mistook them for temples on more than one occasion.

Adventuring to Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica

On Freedom Hunters International

The very idea of seeing a live volcano thrilled and worried our kids.

"Is it going to erupt while we're there?

"Will we see lava?"

"Do the hot springs burn your skin?"

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