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Enjoying a Japanese Onsen

Our two day train ride left Todd and I in a random Northern Japanese town called Asamushi. We had half a day before our next train would take us to Sapporo, so we decided to use the time to clean up. In Japan that means one thing: Onsen, or public baths.

We walked around in circles trying to find a bath. We could see stream of hot water running naturally through the town, so we followed it until it ran under a building. We'd found our onsen.

Some onsen are huge affairs with multiple baths, both indoor and outdoor, saunas, and cold plunge pools. Others, like this one, have just a single bath filled with water from a naturally occurring hot spring. Some are mixed sex, but most are segregated by gender.

Adventuring to Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica

On Freedom Hunters International

The very idea of seeing a live volcano thrilled and worried our kids.

"Is it going to erupt while we're there?

"Will we see lava?"

"Do the hot springs burn your skin?"

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