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Here, Fishy Fishy

Usually I come to this page with an idea of something to write about. Not today. This will probably be one of those random posts with little bits of everything in it. Have you ever noticed that my first paragraph is always long enough to make that drop cap thing on the left look right? Often I'll want to start off with a single sentence, but I write some fluff to make it look right.

I just gave my fish some medicine. They still have fin rot. It's really scary because huge chunks of their fins just dissolve into the water, so they look really pitiful. I've bought tons of different kinds of medicine for them, but none have fixed them yet. Each time they seem better, but then after the treatment the symptoms start showing up again. Of course I'm trying to treat the root problem, too, although I don't really know what it is. I change the water and feed them less. Almost everyone feeds their fish too much.

I really love my fish. I think they're the best pet ever. I can go out of town and not have to worry about them, but whenever I have a spare moment I sit and watch them swim around. Now I don't like watching them as much because they're sick so it makes me feel bad. It's amazing that they can just swim around and not die of boredom. I couldn't.

Networking: The Beginning

On Lawrence He

Two days ago I attended The Santa Barbara Business Expo, my first networking event.  Almost all the business blogs and books I’ve read give importance to networking and nothing convinced me more than when I met with my friend Jackie, a real estate agent.  I asked her how business was since she had only become a licensed for a few months earlier, and from what I know about real estate, it takes years to get clients.  But she told me that she’s busy and business keeps coming.  What? How?  I asked her what she did for marketing, and how she sought clients. 

“Well, it was really easy.  I found some real estate agent networking events to go to, and this guy I met told me he was leaving for Shanghai and gave me all his clients”.

My eyes widened.  Of course there was some luck to this, and I couldn’t help myself from being jealous.  I had spent the past few months, thinking of a business identity and value proposition, targeting my niche, sending out cold emails, meeting with potential middlemen …and Jackie just goes to a networking event and gets handed business. 

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