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On Set

Tucker Max and I will probably never be friends. We live by a lot of the same principles, but those principles have led us in very different directions. His daily pleasure is getting trashed and being obnoxious. Mine is eating vegan food and riding an electric skateboard.

Still, that doesn't take away from the fact that he's a pretty impressive human being. He's a much better writer than I am, and has made his living based on just living his life and documenting it.

I like his normal site, but his new blog about making his movie is even better. He does an incredible job explaining what goes into making a movie, and the blog really showcases his dedication to excellence.

Networking: The Beginning

On Lawrence He

Two days ago I attended The Santa Barbara Business Expo, my first networking event.  Almost all the business blogs and books I’ve read give importance to networking and nothing convinced me more than when I met with my friend Jackie, a real estate agent.  I asked her how business was since she had only become a licensed for a few months earlier, and from what I know about real estate, it takes years to get clients.  But she told me that she’s busy and business keeps coming.  What? How?  I asked her what she did for marketing, and how she sought clients. 

“Well, it was really easy.  I found some real estate agent networking events to go to, and this guy I met told me he was leaving for Shanghai and gave me all his clients”.

My eyes widened.  Of course there was some luck to this, and I couldn’t help myself from being jealous.  I had spent the past few months, thinking of a business identity and value proposition, targeting my niche, sending out cold emails, meeting with potential middlemen …and Jackie just goes to a networking event and gets handed business. 

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