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How Many of "The One" Are There?

Similarity #84: we're both a bit geeky. We opened up Excel and started looking up the statistics for as many of the quantifiable similarities as we could find. Vegans make up 1.4% of the US Population. A surprising 46% doesn't drink. We added a few modifiers in, taking out half the population for being below average intelligence, and another 85% or so because, like anyone, we're not attracted to most people we meet.

If I had guessed before doing the math, I would have thought that there would be at least a hundred thousand girls out there that fit my criteria. I was WAY off.

Depending on just how picky I decide to be, there are only 10-25 girls in the United states that match my criteria. That's not a lot. Annie's was a bit more, mainly because she has a wider age range than I do.

Bird control methods to make your agricultural farm less inviting for pest birds

On The Catastrophically Miniature Sloth

If you own agricultural farm or yard, you should make sure that pest birds do not visit your farm. Pest birds can eat your crops away and can cause a huge loss to you. Birds are known to spread harmful diseases and infections. These diseases are easily transmitted through their droppings. Here are some of the most effective bird control methods that you can adopt to make your farm or yard less inviting for the pest birds.

Bird netting-agricultural bird netting can be used to cover trees, plants, and crops. These nets serve as excellent deterrents as birds get scared of them. They fear that they would be caught in them so they avoid visiting the agricultural farms and orchards where bird netting is present. Bird netting comes in various sizes. You can easily find the bird net to protect your plants and crops. Another good thing about bird netting is that it is light in weight, yet durable and long lasting. Plus, it is not that expensive in nature.

Scarecrows-scarecrows are one of the most traditional bird scarring methods available. You can install a scarecrow in your farm or vineyard to see how birds flying above get scared from it. Scarecrow can be made from virtually anything, including scraps available in a property. The problem with this bird control method is that over a period of time it loses its effectiveness. When birds see the scarecrow in the same position, they stop fearing it. Moreover, if you have a large area you would need several scarecrows to protect your land effectively from the pest birds.

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