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Amy the Waitress

I finally arrived at the Manchester, New Hampshire airport around nine at night. We fly in there because it takes less time to get to my grandparents house in a Boston suburb from Manchester than it does from the Boston airport. Traffic and all that.

We were supposed to get there at five, but there was so much snow in Manchester that we had to divert to Boston, wait for the snow to pass, and then return to Manchester.

I actually like the delay, though. I love everything about traveling, including being stuck on a plane doing nothing. There's something very pleasant about being totally isolated from the rest of the world.

Cards 2 - 7| New Orleans

On A Card's Worth of Words

Since I'm already behind and since these cards have some kind of string holding them all together, I might as well post them all in one post.

Sunday 5 January 2014

Due to the weather conditions, my travel companions and I were stuck in the airport for several hours. We were freezing, and so were the planes. One of them thought that we would have to stay in a nearby hotel if the flight was cancelled (a good amount of them already were). After a while, we started talking about swimming. This leads to the strangeness you see on this card.

Monday 6 January 2014

We decided to kick of Mardi Gras season with the Joan of Arc Parade. Believing we would be escaping the cold weather, none of us were prepared for what hit us that night. After a day of volunteering in moderate conditions, we were not expecting this. The parade was a nice end to the day.

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