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Gambling With Your Friends to Stay Honest

Here's a habit I have which I hate, that you might be able to relate to. A friend might say that he thinks that a Zodiac boat goes really slow. I then reply that I'm not sure, but I think they're quite fast. As we go back and forth, I become more and more convinced that I'm right. My unstated goal has nothing to do with discovering the truth, but it has everything to do with convincing my friend that I'm right.

Often times he's in the same position, not totally sure how correct his position is, but determined to get me to believe him. If there's a more useless way to spend time than these sorts of arguments, I haven't discovered it yet.

It's not difficult to figure out why we do this. We all want to seem smart, and a good way to seem smart is to be right all the time. Including this time, dammit. And like any habit that's fueled by the ego, this habit is a good one to put on the chopping block for execution.

My welcome, some info on me, my goals and about the blog.

On The Rocky Road To Nihon

So, what's up my good people?

Writing a first post is actually quite hard, because you will never know what to write first. That's why this post is mainly about nothing, and yet everything I can think of at the time.

#1 So, first things first, I write this blog because I want to prove to myself that I can do something for a longer period of time. You could call that a self-improvement method.

#2 My posts will be quite chaotic, but the main subjects will be: My road to Japan, Games, Movies, my look on the world.

#3 I think it's time for my goals now. My main goal is: Study in Japan and maybe move there for good. I'm learning Japanese and preparing myself for the exams. I still have around 2 or so years to the exams, but I believe that the earlier I start, the better. Living in Japan has been my dream since I was 7. A lot of people tell me, that this dream will wear off, but I don't really think so. My particular liking towards the Japanese culture (And I'm not talking about manga, neither the Kimonos and samurais. Let's grow up a little people.) may give me some rose-tinted glasses, but I try to be as realistic on the matter as I can. The rest of the goals? Become a programmer, get a good job and simple stuff like that. And I also like writing about things that seem interesting to me.

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