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Tea Autopsy AND Tynan's Traveling Tea Set

Athletes aspire to get their own sneaker. I'm not an athlete and I don't wear sneakers, but today I'm announcing the equivalent in my world: my own tea set!

But first, a little background. I don't remember when I first drank tea, but I do remember that at the time that I found out how healthy it is, I hated tea. I thought that it tasted like bathwater. But newly aware of its health benefits, I was determined to like it. My method was to drink six cups a day until I changed my mind -- aggressive taste acquiring.

And, sure enough, after a week or so of little Lipton tea bags, I decided that I liked green tea enough to continue to drink it. I wasn't a connoisseur, but I was an enthusiast, downing the stuff solely for the health benefits.

Big Bags of Tea

On Samovar

Tea lovers have been asking for years, and finally we've done it. Big Bags of tea are now ready to go in our online store. If you really love your Earl Grey, you can now get it and many other favorites in 1 pound bags, or larger (no, not "tea bags," but "Big Bulk Bags of Tea).

These new teas are not for the faint of heart because they'll serve up hundreds of cups of tea. But we are really excited to finally offer this bulk size for cafes, offices, or, if you're just crazy about your all time favorite. You save packaging and get more tea. Oh yeah--you'll also save 15-20% off the tea box price when you buy in this Big Bag size.

Check them out here:Buy Samovar Big Bulk Bags


We also recommend drinking your bulk tea within 3-6 months and storing them in our Bulk Tea Canisters to keep them fresh and flavorful.

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