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Thinking Ahead and Accepting Discomfort

Today was a long day. I had to have a difficult conversation unexpectedly, I had a long flight, a train ride, and when I arrived at my RV, I was locked out. By the time the locksmith got there, I had already tried squeezing through a tiny window in the RV, so I was covered in dirt and frustrated.

When I finally got into my RV, I went directly into my bed without really thinking about it. It was 7:30pm. I wasn't tired, and sleeping would have screwed up my sleep schedule anyway. I was just drained and didn't want to do the things left on my todo list. I planned to clean the RV, do dishes, bring the RV to South San Francisco to dump the tanks, and write a blog post. For the first time in a long time, I just wanted to do nothing.

So I lay in my bed and thought about my options. One was to just stay in bed, maybe read or something, and hope I was refreshed when I woke up the next day. That's what I felt like doing. But when I thought about it, I was just setting myself up for another long day by piling my current todo list on top of the next day. If I could just muster the initiative to start doing things on my list, though, I would actually feel better. It always feels good to go to sleep with a clear todo list.

I scrubbed the kitchen counter first. It looked really nice, which motivated me a little bit to do the dishes. That took less time than I expected, which also motivated me. Before I knew it I had cleaned the whole RV, topped off the air in my low tire, and was on my way to dump my tanks. An hour later, I'm back in my RV with enough water to last for two weeks, and I'm on a roll. I didn't even hesitate to open up the text editor and get this post going.

"Total Focus; Total Enjoyment" by Tynan


I'm thrilled that Tynan is coming to you with two things -- first, he's offering a breakthrough session through GiveGetWin. It's geared around doing more of the kind of excellent work you want to do, becoming more internally focused with your emotions, having a more enjoyable life, building great habits, and producing a lot of value in the process. There's five spots, so check it out now.

Second, we have this wonderful tour-de-force interview: it starts by covering how Tynan made the shift from unfocused to focused, how to derive internal enjoyment from things, useful actionable exercises you can do right now, Tynan's method and mindset for producing creative work consistently, how to set up great habits and an excellent mental and physical work environment, and how to make blogging work and similar endeavors work for you. 

Total Focus; Total Enjoyment by Tynan, as told to Sebastian Marshall

When I turned 30 and I had a minor freak out… I thought, "I'll be 40 in not long, and then 50… there's things I want to do in my life, and they're not happening at this pace."

Before that, I had a general idea of things I wanted to do and have in my life, but I went about in an unstructured way. It was good in a lot of ways. It made be a broad process, but not much depth.

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