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Krunkaoke Disaster

Terry and I went to Krunkaoke as usual, but things didn't quite go quite right.

I decided to change one of the verses to one of my own design. The plan is to slowly keep doing that until I'm just doing original songs and basically get to practice having a concert.

Also exciting was Terry's new rap name : T-Nugget. This allows us to replace "nigga" with "nugget" which sounds close enough that songs sound good.

Verse Two


Any person of curiosity and intellect, who reads and converses and studies life, will have the feeling a few times a year.

"Ah! What a fool I was! I thought life was like this, but it's actually not at all like that!"

What normally follows it?

Verse two --

"I didn't get it before, but now I've got it all figured out."

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