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Poker and Pickup: Thinking Levels

As I've been immersing myself in poker, I've been overwhelmed by the parallels with pickup, in theory, practice, and in my experience as a student.

I'm not sure if this is pure coincidence, my mind trying to find a pattern where there's not one, or a genuine underlying pattern that probably extends to other areas of learning.

Pickup is the only other thing I can think of that I learned rapidly and by immersion. I made it my world for a year or two. As a result, I remember the learning process, whereas something like web development I can't really remember because I've been learning gradually.

How To Make Out With A Girl—Four Simple Techniques

On Todd Valentine Seduction

Hey, it’s Todd Valentine bringing you fundamentals of seduction.

Today’s topic is on how to kiss a girl. This is a very personal topic for me because for a long time I couldn’t kiss girls—even after months of getting numbers and going on multiple dates. I wouldn’t get physical. I had to get over it, and the first thing I realized is that attitude and permission are most important.

You have to give yourself permission to kiss a girl, to make it awkward . . . to fail. If you’re too scared to try, then you’ll end up in the friend zone. You don’t want to miss the window of getting the kiss, because things will not go well after that.

Here are two examples of the low place I was coming from:

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