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Neetu- Post # 2 Successful Nap/letter

after 2 naps that were less than satisfactory, I was able to get in a great nap. My body is craving a full night's rest,so I did not wake up feeling totally rested. I feel like I would after a night with 8 hours of sleep,but waking up on the "wrong" side of the bed. Just a little bit sluggish I suppose.

Manish's after nap comment:"For some reason, all of my tiredness is in my left eye" very funny and bizarre.

okay, continuing on....The first few minutes after waking up are pretty foggy, but after a little while my mind totally clears out and I can function again without thinking about my next nap.

Lights Spreadsheet Week Nine: The Canary in the Coal Mine


Some very good feedback and comments from last week on Continual Readjustment — thanks for that, it's very good to see how the work here is actually being read, interpreted and used. Please do keep the good comments coming, especially about how you're putting things into practice.

The first thing you'll note this week is that the Continual Readjustment thing worked just fine; the weakest link of Declare/Complete being at 0 moved to 3 this week, which was good enough to get going.

Now, let's talk about another usage of this type of control:

The Canary in the Coal Mine

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