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Neetu- Post # 2 Successful Nap/letter

after 2 naps that were less than satisfactory, I was able to get in a great nap. My body is craving a full night's rest,so I did not wake up feeling totally rested. I feel like I would after a night with 8 hours of sleep,but waking up on the "wrong" side of the bed. Just a little bit sluggish I suppose.

Manish's after nap comment:"For some reason, all of my tiredness is in my left eye" very funny and bizarre.

okay, continuing on....The first few minutes after waking up are pretty foggy, but after a little while my mind totally clears out and I can function again without thinking about my next nap.

Terminator Nap


There is a memorable scene in The Terminator where the machine has taken damage, shuts down, and then boots back up.

Napping works somewhat like that for humans.

In the course of being alive, you're always doing little subtle damage to your brain and body and organs. Sleeping can help alleviate this damage and let your body repair itself.

What's miraculous about napping, though, is just how much can be repaired in such a short time.

I'd eventually like to spend time researching the exact mechanics, but I suspect that a lot of hormones and chemicals that have pooled in various places in the brain are -- for lack of a better word -- "flushed away" when you nap.

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