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Neetu- Post # 2 Successful Nap/letter

after 2 naps that were less than satisfactory, I was able to get in a great nap. My body is craving a full night's rest,so I did not wake up feeling totally rested. I feel like I would after a night with 8 hours of sleep,but waking up on the "wrong" side of the bed. Just a little bit sluggish I suppose.

Manish's after nap comment:"For some reason, all of my tiredness is in my left eye" very funny and bizarre.

okay, continuing on....The first few minutes after waking up are pretty foggy, but after a little while my mind totally clears out and I can function again without thinking about my next nap.

Lights Spreadsheet: Week Five


Lights Spreadsheet, Week 5

So, I keep this Lights Spreadsheet to keep track of the actions I most want to be doing each day.

It works as a control — it gets me to do more of these actions.

It also works as a warning sign — if I see I’ve had mediocre sleep or no exercise for 4 days in a row, it prompts me to fix that before things start getting out of hand.

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