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The Running Bets

I like to bet. For those of you who have read the story about how I was a professional gambler, this is obvious. What I don't like to do is exercise. At one point in my life, these two activities joined to provide an interesting story.

I have a friend named Hayden. He likes to bet me. For a while we had a running string of bets, and I was down overall because I failed to get 10x his score in a Tony Hawk competition. At one point I was one of the top 10 Tony Hawk players in the world. That lasted for about 5 minutes until someone from Japan beat my score.

Hayden and I sat across from my kitchen table.

wanna buddy

On The Words of Focus Project

I'm feeling a pretty huge urge to procrastinate.

There's also a more than fair amount of lust, lonliness, anger, resentment, stress.

Why am I beset by all these emotions right now?

I want to go home and nap. I want to leave this reality and just spend time with someone sexy and adventerous and relaxed. I want to restart life as a child with great looks, who is tall, the son of excellent entrepreneurial world-trotting parents who love me.

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