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Neetu Post #3- Night 3

I just woke up from a nap. It was the first time that I woke up on my own!! I think that I am making great headway. Generally, day 3 and 4 are supposed to be the worst. So far, my day 3 was pretty great. I had an awesome nap in the evening, where I fell asleep pretty easily and then woke up pretty easily. Right now, a little after midnight, I am pretty excited that I still have the entire night ahead of me. I am already planning the things that I can get done for school and business. Just to give you a comparison, on the first night at about 5 am, my body and mind were both flipping out. basically saying "what is wrong with you Neetu? Have you turned into a nocturnal freak? Why are you doing this STUPID sleep experiment?!?!?! GO TO SLEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!!!!!" So, there has been great improvement since then.

On another note, I have seen some changes in my health in the past few days. On day 1, I started the day with allergies for some odd reason, which hasn't happened in months. Then on day 2, the allergies persisted so I had to go to class with tissues. Today, my allergies greatly diminished and hardly bothered me, which is great! In the past, when I would have an allergy ridden day, the only way to get over it was with a full night's rest. I was paying close to see when the allergies would go away because I hate taking a daily allergy pill. It is just such a hassle. It was nice to let it pass naturally and let my body take care of it. I am excited to see what the rest of the night brings. Last night, Manish was having a really tough time staying awake. It was his third night and he was just really suffering. Kind of delerious and all. Ty said that the difficult phase is unavoidable, so I keep expecting it to come, but it doesn't show up. Kind of strange. We'll see. I'll keep posting my updates.


Hacking Sleep: Sleep Less but Still feel Alert.

On Ideas


I love to sleep. I've slept easily 10 hours on average my life so far. Even though I love sleep I realize one thing:

Needless sleep has easily been the most unproductive thing I’ve done in my life.

Oversleeping is horrible. For one I find sleeping more than 9 hours a day usually begets more sleep, making you actually feel drowsier the majority of the day even though you technically slept more than enough. Furthermore sleeping extra just takes up time. sleeping 10 hours a day as opposed to 6 or 7 means I’m not awake for a whopping 90-110 hours a month. This adds up really quickly. Those extra 3 hours could be used to learn a language, programming, watch a good movie or documentary, exercise etc. Imagine everyday you had 1 more hour to spend learning vocabulary or studying? Imagine everyday you had 1 more hour to come up with a strategy for your business?

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