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Who Rocks the House?

I rock the house. How do you like this enthusiasm? Enjoy it while it lasts, because 24 hours from now I will be hating life. Or maybe not!

I can't really describe how these naps are going. The whole time I feel like I'm not asleep and I'm trying to fall asleep. But I'll notice that my thoughts are totally bizarre. like this time I was thinking about how to beat a video game that doesn't actually exist. Occasionally I think "Man... I'm not falling asleep". And then the alarm goes off and I wake up and can't really tell if I was asleep or not.

Anyway, this is going to be the tough stretch, but I actually feel like I have plenty of energy. My sleep schedule for the past week has been pretty bizarre, so maybe that's helped me. Luckily I have a project to work on, so I'm not too bored.

If you leave me a supportive or completely sarcastic comment, that would make my entire day.

On Saxophone& Composing

I have to go to sleep because I need to wake up at 5:00AM tomorrow because I need to babysit and this isn't working because I need to do lists before I sleep so I know what to do tomorrow before I leave so I won't forget anything and this is making me stressed and this is why I can't sleep and this makes me upset and it's me staying up late not doing anything because I can't practice this late at my house and I have nowhere to go and I have to do two finals due Monday and I won't have time this weekend because babysitting and karate and I am freaking out and I have to practice because juries are a week from this Monday and and and and and and and and . . .

Update: I am very anxious.

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