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Neetu ---starting over.

I just woke up. Slept for 5 and a half hours on the sofa. Damn it! Puts me back on day 1. the count starts over. Oh well, I will make it to 14!!!!!!!!!!! I refuse to lose my $1500.

Manish attempted to wake me up a couple of times. He warned me that I was going to fall asleep, but was I going to listen....NO. cause I was dumb and sleepy!.

We put down $1500 for 14 days, so I am assuming that the start date is the 21st like we originally stated, cause otherwise I'm screwed.


On The Words of Focus Project

I'd forgotten!


What the fuck is wrong with me?

Where is my passion? Where is my care? WHY DON'T I CARE?

What has happened to me Eddy? How have I become so lazy and apathetic?

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