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Neetu ---starting over.

I just woke up. Slept for 5 and a half hours on the sofa. Damn it! Puts me back on day 1. the count starts over. Oh well, I will make it to 14!!!!!!!!!!! I refuse to lose my $1500.

Manish attempted to wake me up a couple of times. He warned me that I was going to fall asleep, but was I going to listen....NO. cause I was dumb and sleepy!.

We put down $1500 for 14 days, so I am assuming that the start date is the 21st like we originally stated, cause otherwise I'm screwed.

The Worst Way to Start a Morning

On simple thoughts

What is it that you do every morning? Some people get up and fix their bed right away. Others wake up and drink a glass of water. I on the other hand, wake up and check my phone. I know this is bad, yet I do it every morning. I can feel myself slipping into a bad day. But again.. I still do it.

I wish I could stop, but this habit is so ingrained into my every day life, I feel as though it's impossible. Tonight, before I sleep, I'm going to leave a bottle of water by my bed, and when I wake up, I will see it. And I will drink it. I won't check my phone until I finish brushing my teeth. That's seems like a good start. What do you think? Do you have bad morning habits? Or bad habits in general? To break this one, I am starting small, and I am making it really easy to succeed. Then, when I am good at this, I will make it harder. That's really all there is to what I'm doing!

I hope you find a habit to break or start, and join me! Comment how you're doing or what your ideas are! I'd love to read them. Have a wonderful day/night.


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