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Neetu ---starting over.

I just woke up. Slept for 5 and a half hours on the sofa. Damn it! Puts me back on day 1. the count starts over. Oh well, I will make it to 14!!!!!!!!!!! I refuse to lose my $1500.

Manish attempted to wake me up a couple of times. He warned me that I was going to fall asleep, but was I going to listen....NO. cause I was dumb and sleepy!.

We put down $1500 for 14 days, so I am assuming that the start date is the 21st like we originally stated, cause otherwise I'm screwed.

A GREAT morning!

On Teen Contentment

Today I had a great inspirational morning.The kind of mornings I could only dream about. It was as if all my fantasies about a 'perfect' morning came true.OK, I am exaggerating a lot, but it was awesome.

In my usual mornings, I would wake up late with pain all over my body.I wouldn't exercise or eat a healthy meal,I wouldn't do Namaaz,etc etc.

But today, everything went opposite. :D

Woke up @6 when mother called me.The amazing was that I woke up just when mother was about to finish her sentence.Like automatic.Then I brushed,did namaaz,wrote my journal,fetched water from the well,drank/ate Kellog's Cornflake and went to work out on the terrace. I did a few sets of Jumping Jacks,High End Knee Running and Step On The Chairs.I also did some mindfulness practice with a beautiful morning scenery.

Feeeling really content now(7.00AM).Must have a great morning daily.Awesome.

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