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Evan, the Vegan Wonder

Right now I'm sitting on my couch enjoying the aroma of onions and garlic cooking in olive oil. On another burner is a giant pot full of vegetables. Next to it is a skillet with roasting eggplants. To the side of the stove is a cutting board with even more chopped vegetables. What's going on?


On Friday I'm heading up to Massachusetts to be with my family for Christmas. I go every six months and see my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. The one problem is that it's very difficult to eat healthy while traveling, especially during the season of many fine home cooked meals. My family is Italian, and thus most meals are a healthy salad coupled with an unhealthy pasta dish.

North Hills - Dawes

On More from a 3 Minute Record

Before I begin, I’m going to ask you, dear reader, to do a little bit of homework and listen to a song from this post’s album. I’ll wait.

Got it? Good.

Most of the general public isn’t terribly aware of Dawes, much less their excellent debut album, North Hills. I found this album during my junior year of college. It was a late night iTunes download, the music industry equivalent of last call, where everything looks more intriguing than it does at the beginning of the night. It didn’t receive the proper place in my listening rotation right off. It took a few months before I fully appreciated the scope of the record.

It was the soundtrack of my campus walks. Sonically, it is the perfect match for those days in late winter when the sun begins to remind you of its presence, peeking out in little cracks exposed in the grayness of winter. It’s a serious record with heavy themes, but there is also the warmth of hope in the face of mortality, death, and winter. I was at a point in my life when the biggest tragedy I faced was having to rise early enough to walk to the other side of campus to get to PE on time.

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