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Not Following Through

There's been a lot of chatter on the comments recently about me not following through, most of it deserved. Throughout my life one of my struggles has been to focus on one thing and follow it through. I used to be totally incapable of it, but over the years have gotten better. There are a lot of things that I have followed through with (my diet, writing this blog, etc.) as well as plenty that I haven't.

Once in a while I feel, for whatever reason, that I've conquered it, and I announce it to the world. While I'm on the topic of admitting faults, another is that I tend to prematurely announce things sometimes. As a reader, you already know that.

I understand your frustration when you read about something I say I'm going to do, get excited about seeing it happen, and then it falls off the radar. If it's any consolation, I'm acutely aware of these things and am similarly frustrated.

RAM bam thank you ma'am (price of DDR3 going up)

On The Tiny Octopus

I don't want to turn this place into a tech deals accumulator site but DDR3 ram memory for computers has been going up in price apparently due to production slowdowns. Why they're slowing down production when DDR4 is still kind of far and away I don't know but it's probably a colluded grab to make some dinero for the RAM manufacturers :D.

Regardless DDR3 RAM prices have peaked 25%+ since I did my last computer fantasy build in Sept. 2012. 4 2gb gskill ripjaws were 38$ back then now they're approaching 55+ yikes. Similar sticks are showing a 25% or more increase. I don't plan on building another system soon but I'm thinking of buying some DDR3 ram in order to avoid 'the drought' which happens if I decide to build a new system in the next 3 years but with limited supply stock of memory (driving prices up through the roof). I'll be hedging 8 gigs to keep it usable for light gaming and switching between tons of programs and hoping I can craigslist another 4 gigs if I need to in the future.

In other news I got some e-mail today - you can get Windows 7 from newegg 64 bit edition for 99.99 then use code EMCXSTX22 to get 20$ off! I don't know how long this lasts - maybe it's just one day - this was written April 30, 2013.

In retrospect I might just wait a few more years and stick with my new salvaged creation beast thing - 8gb ddr2 phenom ii x4 with 8800 gts. That should last quite a bit longer. I don't need fancy graphics anyway (I play dwarf fortress [albeit with the tileset]). Games are becoming hardware hogs though and it'd be nice to have but I think I can make do.

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