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If You Just Ignore It, It Will Go Away

Just a quick update here. At around 10am I figured I should put my old wheels on so that I can drive around today. I went out to the garage and started jacking up the car.

Then I realized that the tire isn't deflated anymore. Here's a recap :

1. Tire goes totally flat a block from my house
2. I spend 20 minutes filling it up and getting it to around 25psi
3. I pull into a supermarket and by the time I'm done buying a pizza of death, it's totally deflated again.
4. I drive to the nearby gas station and fill it up to 30psi
5. I drive home and it looks to be lower than at the gas station and is still making a hissing noise.
6. ????????
7. This morning it is at 30psi and looks fine.

Adoption Journey, Day -10

On The Lunde Adoption Blog 2014

We are preparing for a very exciting journey.

"We" are my mom, my dad, and I. My name is Jakob, and I am 8 1/2 years old. I am Norwegian, but I was born in Colombia and used to live there when I was little, before my mom and dad came to adopt me and take me home.

Now we are going back to Colombia for the first time. Not to the city where I was born, but to another city. The reason is that I am going to get a little brother! We are all very excited!

I am writing this blog to tell you about our trip. I could write it in Norwegian, but I don't trust on-line translators, so my parents are helping me write it in English, so that more people can read it. (They are also helping me to think of things to write.)

My parents tell me that in Colombia people speak Spanish. I used to know some Spanish, but I forgot it completely when I was three years old. Now I know only Norwegian. But who knows — I may pick up some of the language while we are there to collect my little brother! And I believe my parents will, too. They like everything that has anything to do with languages. :-)

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