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If You Just Ignore It, It Will Go Away

Just a quick update here. At around 10am I figured I should put my old wheels on so that I can drive around today. I went out to the garage and started jacking up the car.

Then I realized that the tire isn't deflated anymore. Here's a recap :

1. Tire goes totally flat a block from my house
2. I spend 20 minutes filling it up and getting it to around 25psi
3. I pull into a supermarket and by the time I'm done buying a pizza of death, it's totally deflated again.
4. I drive to the nearby gas station and fill it up to 30psi
5. I drive home and it looks to be lower than at the gas station and is still making a hissing noise.
6. ????????
7. This morning it is at 30psi and looks fine.

I love arcades!!!

On Pictures of stuff in my life.

When I was growing up I loved going to the arcades at the local mall. Fighting games were the best no matter if I lost or won it was fun, I think it was more personal then now. Playing online is great because of the competition but people just spew out racist slurs and when the are losing disconnect from the internet. If somebody was loosing and pulled the plug out of an arcade machine the would get thrown out of the arcade. Here are some pictures of an old arcade in Odiaba, Japan.

I really like the old coffee table style arcade machines. I am currently looking for one for my own game room.

This game brings me back. Operation Wolf was so cool when it first came out, I think this was the first shooter I ever played. Mind blowing when I was a kid.

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