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Maybe I Should Stop Watching Movies

Every time I leave a movie I always think, "I should never watch movies again."

And then I remember that I told myself the exact same thing last time I watched a movie, but ignored it. When we were in Thailand we went to a really cool theater in the Siam Paragon to watch Indiana Jones 4. I had fond memories of the first three and even fonder memories of the video game.

Within about ten minutes I knew that I was not going to enjoy the movie. I gave it the benefit of the doubt until about halfway through and then I walked out and went down to check out the mall.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - No Nonsense Review

On Matt's Reality

This review does not contain any spoilers. Although your definition of spoiler may differ from mine, I don't believe this review will ruin your viewing experience.

From a critic's perspective, I really wanted to love this movie, but I only mildly liked it. While it certainly wasn't bad, it had many flaws. Making a 300 page book into 3 movies was a terrible decision. As a result of this choice, the movie was filled with pointless physics-defying action scenes that would in no way be possible in real life. I found myself laughing at how ridiculously impossible some of the stunts were.

If you're familiar with The Lord of the Rings trilogy, you'd know that these films had very little nonsense. This is because the films were based on over 1,000 pages of expertly written literature by J.R.R. Tolkien. Since The Hobbit trilogy is based on one relatively short book, a good portion of the films so far include content made by people who only care about money.

I think of this film as a painting montage with many cool things to look at rather than a movie. Where it really shines is the aerial scenery shots, epic mountains, and cool sets. They spent a lot of money on making things visually pleasing and it payed off.

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