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Random Gifts

I woke up and stumbled to the front door to check for packages. I wasn't really expecting one, but you can never be too sure. To my surprise there was a small brown box waiting on the doorstep for me. What had I ordered? I couldn't remember. I walked back inside and tore the package open.

Inside was a book and a board game. Not just any book and board game, though - they were abominations thrust in in front of my virgin eyes. The game was called A Hot Affair and the book was Penthouse: Naughty by Nature: Female Readers' Sexy Letters to Penthouse. Confused, I check the shipping address. Sure enough they weren't meant for me.

They were my neighbor's.

There's No Mercy in Mario

On Military Dad

We were having trouble figuring out what to do on Saturday.

I suggested that we sit down and watch the entire Lord of the Rings series with the kids. My wife didn't think it was appropriate for a seven and four year old, so I decided to poll my Facebook friends. It turns out that it was a pretty unanimous agreement with my wife. Apparently, a movie series that involves zombie horses and getting attacked and paralyzed by a giant spider is inappropriate for kids...jeez.

Therefore, we decided to fire up the old Wii and have a Super Mario Brothers marathon.

We grabbed four controllers and went after Princess Peach. For the next few hours, we were in a zone. Goombas were smashed, turtle shells were thrown (mostly at each other), and there were times where the family barely survived. Most of all, were learned a lot about life and each other. Here are some of those lessons learned.

1. Strength Doesn't Always Lie in Numbers

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