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NEWSFLASH: Karaoke with me Tonight!

A year ago there was something called "Krunkaoke" every wednesday night at a club nearby. I went religiously and became one of the few creepy superstar regulars who dropped hot gangsta classics every Wednesday. The first time I went I was really nervous, but after doing "How We Do" by The Game, I was hooked. Eventually Krunkaoke became too packed (is that possible?), and they cancelled it!

Desperate for a Karaoke fix, I started going to Rain, which is a gay club a couple blocks from where I live. They had a cool light up stage, but the mediocre sound system and guys trying to grab my ass left me looking for alternatives.

Then one night it happened. I was working late and I thought I heard bad singing at the club downstairs. Could it be... Karaoke?

Why I wrote a little ebook on public speaking

On FlowerBlog

Yeah. I did. Thought I would give you the introduction. If you're interested in the rest of the book, you can get it HERE for .99.


Axe body spray hovered in the air. No. Not hovered. Stalked. It stalked the air like some impish poltergeist -- ready to find shelter in an unsuspecting host nose. It assaulted my senses about the same time a whiff of something sweet wafted by. Gum of some kind. Ugh. I grimaced.

It’s for my son. I’m here for my boy.

My wife led me through a pack of yapping hyena-girls, and for the first time I heard “Oh my Gawd” actually produce a Doppler effect as I passed quickly by their thirteen-year-old opinions.

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