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Quintessential Man

When Stan Lee came to UT Austin, everyone was trying to get tickets. Except for me. Stan Lee, for those who are too cool to know, is famous for creating Spiderman, The Hulk, and other comic book characters. I've never once read a comic book, and despite being one, I have no particular affinity for superheroes. The night that Stan was to talk, one of my friends came over. He had somehow gotten ahold of several VIP tickets to the appearance. VIP tickets were up front.

The year before Ben Stein had come and gave a very interesting speech. Afterwards I went up and got him to sign a one dollar bill. In retrospect, I wish I had a Doubly Deuce at the time. I figured that I would temporarily suspend my gangsta lifestyle and see what this nerd comic book crap was all about.

[I know this seems like it will be a boring story. It won't be, so stop whining and read to the end. Then leave a comment and tell me I was right.]

Friends and bitches.

On The Life Of An Ordinary Teenager

Bitching behind somebody's back isn't okay. But unfortunately, we all do it. I found a way to read all my arch enemies messages. My old friend, Jordan, had logged into her Facebook account into my phone. That night we had a sleepover, she never logged out so, i signed her into messenger. Messenger allowed me to read only her conversations. Obviously, she had this conversation with the girls or should i say ex-bitches. Emiline, Indiana and Abigail, were all talking about me behind my back. It wasn't a big deal but it did still hurt.

On the 10th of June, the whole first cycle was going to an amusement park for the day. At the beginning, i was going with the girls. Me and Abigail were going to sit together since the others were on a different bus. Anyway, today i was speaking with Abigail and told her we might not sit together after all. Finn had invited me to spend the day with him and his friends so, i didn't want to have to be around a girl who is hanging out with my ex-best friends. That was a huge mistake i had made. All Abigail wanted to do is be my friend. I sadly told her that if we sit together i might listen to my music alone. In the end, we were going to sit together and she would text me if ever the girls didn't want to do all the rides. Here is where Finn steps in.

If he invited me to spend the day with him, maybe he wanted to sit with me in all of the rides. So if Abigail would come, i would have to take care of her and not be able to be with Finn. Finn is a little crush i have going on so it would be hard for me to live with that.

I had to take a decision. Abigail needs to be my friend because if she's my friend and comes with me and leaves the girls, they will hate me with all their cow blood. The girls on their private conversation, said that i was mean and had pissed them off. Now these immature little girls, invented this random dude named Pedro. He is suppose to be Spanish and lives in Indiana's butt.This is how pathetic they are. They also mentioned that i didn't like Pedro ( who doesn't exist at all ) and that made me even meaner. This is what they had to do on a Saturday night.

Now remember, to prove your enemies wrong, you must show you are not weak and vulnerable. By ignoring them and showing them you can handle yourself just fine without them, it made them furious. Yes words hurt. But if you have lost the battles and want to win the war, you must be strong and who you really are.

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