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Not So Materialistic

If any one thing defines me, besides supreme awesomeness and authentic gangsta flavor, I'd say that it's my materialistic bent. The fact of the matter is that I usually love buying things. I love finding the best deals, I love buying the best of things (yeah, sorry... had to put that project on hold for a minute). There have been weeks where I've gotten a package every single day. Check part of my intro in the game :

In his spare time - which was basically all his time - he explored caves, recorded extremely catchy rap songs, and surfed the Internet for unusual items to buy and then never use.

It's true too. I have a $500 fountain pen. I don't even handwrite anything ever. I have three japanese LED watches, one watch with a GPS, another that tracks my sleep patterns, another that monitors my heart, and I don't wear a watch. I have the best toaster in the world (Dualit), the same one the queen uses. I use that a few times a year.



I strongly believe that organization is an important step to being happy. Whether it is physical or mental, all that clutter needs to be cleared from your life.

A good way to start for me was to clean out my closet. I had been thinking about it for many weeks now. I had so many clothes that I just didn't know where to put them anymore! Especially since our dresser had started to fall apart... Most of the time, after my clothes got washed, I would leave them in the laundry basket, or trow them on my desk chair, or even on the floor until I wore them again or just ended up just throwing them back in the laundry because I was just too lazy to put them away. It's terrible, I know.

So yesterday I decided was the day I would go through all of my clothes and shoes as well as jewelry, and other accessories and either throw them out, keep them, or donate them. The fun part was taking all my clothes out of the closet and onto my 600 square feet room floor. I must say I was surprised and kind of scared at how many clothes I had. It nearly took up the whole floor space.

After realizing how much stuff I had, I set a goal to myself that I would only keep half of what I owned. So normally, I threw out the things that were not acceptable for donation. When that was done, I started making clothe piles. On one side of the room, I threw the things that I wanted to keep, and on the other, the ones I would donate. Surprisingly, both piles were quite even throughout this whole process. And too make sure I was okay with donating everything in my donation pile I went through them a second time. I didn't even second guess anything. I wasn't even that sad to lose half of my clothes. Needless to say, I don't need any of it.

Well not to go into details, but it took me nearly four hours to sort everything, bag my donations, rearrange the space, and put away my keepers. I owned so many things I had never worn before and never would have. Other thing I had spent a lot of money on, but had never even worn once! As sad as it is for me to waste so much time and money on these useless clothes, I think it is safe to say that I have leant my lesson and will definitely think twice before buying things. I now know that I should buy many good and not too expensive articles rather than many useless ones. But, I am happy to donate these things to others who might need them more than I.

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