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Life Nomadic is on Gadling

I'm not sure if I mentioned some of this already, so I'll explain what's happening with LN this year.

LifeNomadic.com is no longer a blog. We've decided to make it a resource site for nomads and hardcore travelers. We're working hard on it now and it will be up very soon.

Instead of blogging on LifeNomadic.com, we're blogging on Gadling this year. Gadling is the most popular travel blog on the internet, which means that our articles will be read by millions instead of hundreds. This gives us more incentive to produce really high quality posts and videos, and to make them more often.

2013: A Year In Review

On Imported Blog

Last year, I did a Year In Review to sum up and show my growth throughout 2012.

A few days ago, I planned on doing something similar for this year. But then, I wondered to myself about whether this year would really be considered a success or not. At first, I thought it would again be defined by running and Breakthrough, the same two subjects that summed up 2012 for me. Now yes those aren't the only two things I've done this year, but they have made significant impacts in 2013.

In March, I broke the sub-5 mile barrier in the mile. I had a rough cross-country season, but my state championship meet ended up going very well and I surpassed all expectations I had for myself. Currently, I'm in my senior year of high school and am training for what may be my last track season ever. I can say for a fact that I will be running faster times than I did last spring. I do have some ambitious goals I want to accomplish in this upcoming season, but even if they aren't reached, I know I have improved regardless. This year has solidified the fact that I'm going to continue to run after high school.

My experience with Breakthrough has also changed significantly. This summer, I got the opportunity to be a full-fledged teacher intern (I was a TA the summer before). Responsibilities increased tenfold and I had to deal with copious amounts of stress, but it was an enjoyable experience overall. I was able to bond with my students more and truly understood what it meant to be a teacher.

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