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Life Nomadic is on Gadling

I'm not sure if I mentioned some of this already, so I'll explain what's happening with LN this year.

LifeNomadic.com is no longer a blog. We've decided to make it a resource site for nomads and hardcore travelers. We're working hard on it now and it will be up very soon.

Instead of blogging on LifeNomadic.com, we're blogging on Gadling this year. Gadling is the most popular travel blog on the internet, which means that our articles will be read by millions instead of hundreds. This gives us more incentive to produce really high quality posts and videos, and to make them more often.

Getting Serious

On Striving For Happiness

Tynan recently wrote how if you have mediocre performance, you will never achieve your goals. Right now I’m being far too mediocre.

For students, our year ends in May. New Year’s marks an arbitrary measure of how to quantify a year for us students. May, however, marks an end as well as a new beginning. Another year of school passed by for me. I am left with 30 credits to graduate, allowing me to graduate a whole year early.

I ponder life as I sit on my patio’s chair drinking tea every day when I wake up and came to the conclusion I must obtain my teacher certification. My psychology degree has the value of an art degree and I can’t imagine a job I would enjoy more than teaching high school English. Worse comes to worse, I’ll end up at a job I enjoy that pays decently.

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