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Brain Training

One day last week I drank too much tea too late in the day. Instead of going to bed at my normal 1:30-2am time, I went to bed after 3am. The next morning I woke up around eleven, feeling a bit slothful for sleeping in. Usually I make some nice green tea in the morning, but I skipped it that day, half because I had overdosed on tea the day before, and half because it was almost the afternoon. I sat down at my computer, but instead of doing my daily planning, I started researching Persian rugs.

By one in the afternoon I was still sitting at my computer in my skivvies, having done nothing more substantial than gain a comprehensive amateur understanding of what to look for in a Persian rug, and maybe answering a handful of medium-priority emails.

The day was off to a bad start. Not a horrific start, like the kind where you lose your arm in a grain combine, but the kind where you've gotten such a slow start that the day begins to feel like a waste.

I opened up Google Calendar to plan my day, but then closed it. What's the point, I thought, when I've already wasted so much time? There was no chance it was going to be an excellent day, so my brain was trying to steer me towards just writing the day off and refocusing on the next one.

Away from festivals


It's my birthday today.

I didn't really notice until yesterday that it was coming up on me. Today I slept in a little, discussed real estate in the morning, worked some, and am now in a cafe doing odds and ends with a coffee and some good bread and pastries (it's cheat day on my diet).

Tonight, I might have dinner with a friend or might not, and today is otherwise a normal day like tomorrow.

It seems like a lot of the time, I mention this to someone and they say "oh, that's so sad! why don't you have a celebration?"

And I never had a good answer to that. Now, I think I do.

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