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A Polyphasic Christmas

I apologize for the lack of updates over the past week. I went to Boston and Vermont and brought only my tiny laptop (Libretto U105) with me. Besides being busy spending time with my family, the keyboard of the Libretto doesn't lend itself to lengthy updates.

I did a pretty good job sticking to polyphasicsleeping over the vacation, but not perfect. I had a total of 5 nights in Boston, 4 of which I overslept an average of 3 hours per night, and two nights in Vermont. I don't know if you've ever been out in the farming country in Vermont, but there is literally nothing to do. Compound that with the fact that I was staying in a 1000 sqft. house with 10 other people who were very fond of quiet and darkness throughout the night, and it made polyphasic sleeping a serious challenge.

The first night I slept 3 hours extra (seems like the magic number, doesn't it?), and the second night I didn't try - I overslept by almost 6 hours.

Away from festivals


It's my birthday today.

I didn't really notice until yesterday that it was coming up on me. Today I slept in a little, discussed real estate in the morning, worked some, and am now in a cafe doing odds and ends with a coffee and some good bread and pastries (it's cheat day on my diet).

Tonight, I might have dinner with a friend or might not, and today is otherwise a normal day like tomorrow.

It seems like a lot of the time, I mention this to someone and they say "oh, that's so sad! why don't you have a celebration?"

And I never had a good answer to that. Now, I think I do.

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