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Persistence Alone

My grandfather grew up in a small apartment in Lawrence, Massachusetts with fourteen older brothers and sisters. His mother stayed at home to watch after the family, and his father worked in a dry goods store.

His parents came from Italy to Ellis Island with no money. He grew up poor.

When he was ten or so he began to work at the dry goods store as well. His job was mainly to run into the rat infested basement and get tins of spaghetti to bring upstairs. He was allowed to keep a portion of the money, but most of it went to his parents.


On Alan's Journey

Sleepwalkers are everywhere. They're all around us. You might even be one of them!

Sleepwalkers are those people who are just sleepwalking through life, on autopilot, being reactive instead of proactive. Some people call them zombies.

They're victims of their life, at the mercy of its ebbs and flows. They don't take control, they just exist. They sit in front of TVs and waste their life away. They get caught up in drama in their life, or they create drama, just so they can feel alive.

As I sit here in this shopping centre, writing this article, I see them walking past. You can do it too, if you sat down somewhere and took the time.

How many of them do you think are drifting through their life and not even aware of their own potential? How many of them don't even realise there's more to this life than what they're experiencing right now?

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