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My week in Hollywood has just finished and I'm now on a plane to Tokyo. Just hearing the Japanese announcements on the airplane's PA brings back fond memories of my trip here last year and makes me more excited to get there.

(Quick aside. The girl next to Todd is sleeping in the most hilarious position I've ever seen. She's kneeling facing the seat with her legs under the seat in front of her. Her head is face down on the seat of the chair, buried in the cushion. I cannot imagine that that's comfortable in any way. I wish I had my camera out to take a picture.)

I waited too long to call people so I didn't get to see all of my old friends, but I did get to see a bunch of them. I stayed at Style's place, spending most of my time working on CD on one couch while he worked on a new book on the other couch. His new girlfriend, an exotic half Indian, quarter Japanese, quarter something else, hung out with us a lot. She's adorable and a lot of fun, and they're in love.


On Alan's Journey

Sleepwalkers are everywhere. They're all around us. You might even be one of them!

Sleepwalkers are those people who are just sleepwalking through life, on autopilot, being reactive instead of proactive. Some people call them zombies.

They're victims of their life, at the mercy of its ebbs and flows. They don't take control, they just exist. They sit in front of TVs and waste their life away. They get caught up in drama in their life, or they create drama, just so they can feel alive.

As I sit here in this shopping centre, writing this article, I see them walking past. You can do it too, if you sat down somewhere and took the time.

How many of them do you think are drifting through their life and not even aware of their own potential? How many of them don't even realise there's more to this life than what they're experiencing right now?

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