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Casino Night

"No tie."

I laugh. It's the annual casino night at my college dorm. I'm dressed up more than usual - I'm wearing a blazer. Today it's more function than form, though.

The ticket taker isn't laughing, though.

The Monaco Baltimore

On The Highway Kind

This previous weekend, my girlfriend and I were travelling from New York to Virginia. We wanted to stop for the night in Baltimore because my girlfriend had never been and it was the right distance between the two. It just so happened that there was a flash sale on Jetsetter for the Monaco. We jumped on it.

The Monaco is a nice enough hotel. It was recently renovated and honestly, we didn't spend enough time for me to see most of the amenities. But we did have a few problems with the room itself. Whenever we walked in, to the left was the bedroom, ahead was the bathroom, and to the right was a room left completely empty. It was big enough to fit a sofa and a tv, or maybe just a pair of sofas, a dining room, whatever, but this was odd. Why not just put a door on the entry and lock it? This wasn't a big deal however. We didn't mind.

That night, we went out and did the blue crab thing. Afterwards, we were both beat and just wanted to head back to the hotel and watch a movie. For whatever reason, the on demand wouldn't work. I called the front desk and was told that an "engineer" would have to come up and reset our box. Well, he did and it didn't work. As he left, he told me that he would call the front desk and see if they could do anything to "right this wrong". I expected to be compensated or sent a gift card for the hotel chain. Nothing was done when we were checking out. (I also rarely actually check out anymore, I just walk out.) I didn't expect to be given anything in the first place. But it is bothersome when you are told that something might be worked out then it isn't.

All in all, I would give The Monaco about 3.5/5. It was new, clean, and the beds were comfortable. However, when staying at a nice boutique hotel like this, I expect some quirkiness, but I would at least like to be forewarned that our hotel room had a weird empty room in it and that there was nothing to be done about the On Demand problems.

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