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Three First Lessons and What You Need to Know About Them

Last week I went skydiving. It was actually my fourth time going, but since I hadn't been in a couple years, they made me take the training again.

After skydiving, my friends and I went to an arcade. I don't really like arcade games (besides H2Overdrive), so I wandered around until I found one called "Commercial Airline Simulator". You may be surprised to know that no line had formed in front of that particular machine. I played through the entire training mode of it, and was pleasantly surprised at how similar it was to when I flew a plane a few years prior when I took a couple pilot lessons.

The following weekend I took motorcycle classes and got my license. Around that time I started thinking about how awesome first lessons are-particularly those that were swimming around in my mind.

Biking in San Francisco

On The Blog of Damon

My good buddy and longtime San Francisco bike guy, posted a great article about biking in NYC.

He's the one who initially encouraged me to get a bike here in SF. And damn am I glad he did.

Biking has been one the greatest overall contributors to my positive life condition.

It is daily exercise. It makes you feel great. It saves you time. It saves you money.

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