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Battlefield 2 : The Holy Grail of Polynapping

Coming up on 6 days in a row with no oversleeping.. not too shambly.

What's been helping me TONS is the game Battlefield 2. Now... I'm not much of a gamer. In fact, I'm not a gamer at all. This is the only game on my computer. I don't know what it is about this game - maybe it's the bullet sounds, maybe it's because it requires constant attention, or maybe it just engages me at just the right level, but this game keeps me awake.

Better than that, it wakes me up. I can come out of a nap completely bleary eyed, barely able to focus on the screen... 20 minutes of Battlefield 2, and I'm ready to cook breakfast, do laundry, and work on my site.

Other expats: the bulgarian

On Herald Hippo

There is this weird commercial in my home country that teaches us how to talk bulgarian english...It says "do something new: remember za parspactiv, za parsijian iend za parsantagi." For exact sounds find me...To be honest for me, all people that speak a slavic language but as well some of my countrymen have the same stupid accent. I do as well when drunk/high/tired. But getting back to this bulgarian. He's sexy, he does not have a big head (local saying), and he is sleepy. Always. As any respectable expat he has a czech girlfriend. Went to some other countries before, for now he is stuck in the CZ. And also between the "should I go to my girlfriend's parents cottage and cut the grass or should I go to my friend's bday party and see the stripper?" Getting drunk is the valid option for both cases. Now to present him in the good corporate way: good contributor, fulfills his tasks in time. Then he sleeps...:) But nevertheless a very good going out partner as he is the dude with weird stories about people he knows. Example: drunk guys in Poland (visiting) steal the sword from a statue. They go to jail. Peace out!

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