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The Point of No Return is a Good Place to Be

I now know better than to estimate the time moped projects will take. A quick half hour job turns into a frustrating afternoon after just one or two minor speedbumps. And that's what happened today.

One of my tires went flat last week, but instead of just replacing the tube, I ended up buying new wheels, tubes, and tires, because my old ones had spoked rims that weren't quite as straight as they once were, and didn't quite have as many spokes as they once had.

To ease into the work, I decided to do the front wheel first. Taking off the back wheel requires removing the belt, chain, brake cable, and then you have to take the transmission out of the hub. The front wheel should only require removing the brake cable.

The story of the millionaire parking lot attendant

On Linus Rylander

The level of sophistication of parking lots vary wildly across the globe.

For instance, in Singapore, all the cars are equipped with a chip that is hooked up to a special card. Every time you roll into a parking lot, or pass through a toll gate, it automatically deducts the money from your card. It's kind of like a pay-as-you-go SIM card for your phone, but for your car instead. Result: no traffic congestion.

In South Africa, some government Jeenius hatched a brilliant scheme to create more jobs: knock down all the parking meters and replace them with live human beings to collect the cash. This is one of those criminally-stupid ideas that could have been invented by no one who isn't in an official government position.

On one particular parking lot in London, England, a similar scenario took place. A lone parking lot attendant -- let's call him John -- stood there at the entrance of the parking lot, collecting people's money... every day for 30 years.

Yup, one of those old school working types. Don't see a lot of them these days. They just get a job and stick to it.

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