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The Airport Girl

It's 2002 and I haven't even heard of the pickup community. It's a shame because there is just about nothing I need more.

I get on my plane, headed back to Austin. It's a late flight and there aren't too many people on it. I have a whole row to myself. I'm not paying attention, and before I know it we're airborne.

The cabin lights are off, but some people have their reading lights on, creating small islands of light in the darkness of the plane. The island in front of my is inhabited by two girls.

Love at first flight

On Millennial Marketing

A young woman boards a plane heading from Dallas, Texas to Calgary, Canada. She takes her seat and strikes up a conversation with a dashing young man in the seat next to her. The plane lands and they go their seperate ways wishing that they had left any form of contact to the other. If you have seen any romantic comedy in the last decade you can probably assume what happens next. By some miraculous stroke of luck the two meet again and as the saying goes "they live happily ever after". How about we put a 21st century twist on this story and investigate further the true love story of Erica Domeseck, @psimadethis, and Clauco!Up to this point my story is completely true except for the part where I mention the miraculous stroke of luck. You see, Erica Domeseck is practically a professional at Twitter. She is one of those rare breeds of people that knows how to use the power of social media to get what she wants as well as WHO she wants. Lets take a look at a conversation that is sure to go down in Twitter or love history. There is so much that goes right with this trail of tweets that it makes me giddy at the sight of it. Lets start with the initial tweet at the top. Erica tweets directly at American Airlines without sounding desperate asking for a simple favor, using her flight number as a hashtag. Genius! Thank God someone at AA was monitoring their Twitter account because their initial response although weak, was prompt. If I were in Erica's position, I would be a little disappointed at this point, but lucky for American Airlines she is a relentless Twitter force of nature. This is where the fun starts. Its at this point that American Airlines has a very important decision to make. They can shoot her down and be forever known as the company that turned their backs on love or rise to the challenge and change this girls life forever! Let's watch what happens next. She did it! Erica Domeseck a person, got a major airline (American Airlines) to help in her quest for love by posting Clauco's description to the world. What an incredible deed! Now as you can probably guess this string of tweets went viral as the search continued with an appropriate hashtag #FindClauco. Now lets step back for a second and realize whats going on here. Remove the wedding veil if you will. This was not just some string of tweets between Erica and an airline company. This was a sophisticated and well thought out strategic move on both ends. You see Erica is in the business of helping people with DIY (do it yourself) projects and has devoted her twitter account to it. American Airlines saw the opportunity to appeal to our most important human emotion. Now to be fair they may truely be interested in her love interest but think of this slow rolling ball up the middle they've been served up. All they had to do was give support, stay broad and boom we have national news! Both pages are going to receive thousands of new visitors and probably some business. You see at the end of it all she found love at first flight but AA found love at first tweet. How did it all end? Turns out someone found Clauco! Erica quiltely announced that she found her handsom man and has been hush about the details. I wish them the best and for the sake of love hope its happily ever after for them. Nick Echeverry

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