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Ty - Dirty Grapes

The grapes i'm eating are dirty. I've tried washing them, but the dirt is stuck to the skin. Luckily they're organic, so I'm just asuming that massive character is being built. You know, because I still need more character after SEVEN DAYS OF STAYING AWAKE.

I'm feeling pretty great today. The reason? Projects. Let's start with the only project I've done so far:


April 7th - Midday Update

On How I Move, Eat, and Sleep

My workout was:

Pushups = Set 1 was 20 reps, set 2 was 13 reps

Assisted Pistol Squats - 2 sets, 5 reps each

Elevated Jack-Knife Press - Set 1 was 7 reps, set 2 was 4 reps, closely followed by tears

I decided to swap the negative upsidedown push ups with the elevated jack-knife presses. I did the swap because I don't think I was strong enough for the upsidedown presses.

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