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Climbing a Construction Crane

Oooh how the ladies love alliteration! Really all I want to do is write about living in the RV, but every day I would just write "man! this is great!", so I'll write about something else. Anyway, I have very little power in the RV at the moment... I have to run the generator which uses a lot of gas. I bought an awesome solar panel that will provide me with non stop electron flow, but it doesn't get installed for another week. Anyway - on with the story.

This happened a while back, but I never got around to posting it because I'm a jerk.

Todd, Jonah, and I were hanging out on the roof of the condo, admiring the skyline. The skyline these days is packed with construction cranes just begging to be climbed. That night we obliged.

Rogue Wrestling for a Cause

On Princess Posts

Last night, I had the opportunity to participate in an event that I will remember for my entire lifetime... Last week, a 22 year old from Hudsonville killed himself. He was a wrestler when he was in high school, but he also has a little brother who is a senior this year. His brother's name is Jonah and to the wrestling community around Grand Rapids, he is a great friend. Last night, at about 10:00pm almost 100 wrestlers made there way over to a local high school. A freshman from the school made sure to keep it unlocked and the team of that school had the mats already set up. We came together as a community and ran a late-night tournament. Each wrestler paid $5 to enter the tournament and the winner of each "weight class" won about $40 dollars. We decided on having only 8 weight classes because some of our 140 pounders were much better wrestlers than our 152s and they wanted to see if weight was more important than skill. The left over money was donated anonymously to Jonah and his family. I obviously, am not a wrestler, but I was helping to officiate and keep score of the matches. It was so much fun. We really came together when we needed to and I couldn't be more proud to have been a part of it all. As I was talking to my friend Kyle last night he said "Wrestling is a tough sport. We beat each other, and hate each other at times, but when things get real we'll always be here for one another. As wrestlers, we have a bond that no one else can ever comprehend."

Oh, and P.S. guys, I got a piggy back ride from a state champion last night.(; Be. Jealous.

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