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Night Swinging

When I was younger, I loved playing on swings. My best friend Ryan and I would spend all of recess on the swings, making up new tricks and seeing who could jump further. Eventually it got to the point where ankles were being sprained and we had both perfected the backflip off the swing.

Now, many years later, I still love swinging despite encountering fewer opportunities to do it. One of the distinctive features at my new building is a large metal terrace hanging over the rooftop patio. Since moving in I've wanted to build a swing on it so that I could swing over the edge of the building.

I'm not sure why, but yesterday inspiration struck and I decided that it would be that day I built my swing. Evan and Jonah were with me. Evan was upset by the idea, worried that I might die. Jonah was also eager to swing, and helped me assure Evan that I did stuff like this all the time, and that I wouldn't die. She wasn't wholly convinced.

The Second Installment of Beady Blue Eyes


If you haven't read my first post, "Beady Blue Eyes," I suggest you look through that first, as this is the second installment and will make much more sense if you do so.

I texted Beady Blue Eyes when I was home for Christmas. I wanted to get some sort of closure since we stopped talking cold-turkey five months ago. I told him I wanted to hang out and catch up. With a minimal amount of persuasion, he agreed to take me on a drive like he used to do.

He picked me up at my mom's house. We drove and talked, parked and talked, for four hours. We talked about our "relationship" and other things. Random things. Politics, knee caps, icicles.

Then after a long pause he said, "I feel like that five months never happened. Like we picked up right where we were." After I agreed he said, "And it's weird because I keep thinking I should kiss you 'cause..."

"That's what feels natural," I finished for him.

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