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My Huge Lie

Ladies... I've been living a lie. Seriously. I'd say that I lie about 2% as often as the average person, maybe even less. However, today I'm going to uncover a huge lie that I've been hiding for YEARS now. It's doubtful that the person who this affects will read it, although maybe if he did I wouldn't feel so guilty around him.

When the Lord of the Rings was released to theaters, I wasn't interested in seeing it. At all. I read the books and they were ok, but I'm not really into that whole dungeons and dragons thing. Don't get me wrong - I'm a huge nerd - just not that type of nerd.

Every six months or so I visit Massachusetts. My grandparents, an Aunt and Uncle, and some other relatives live there, so it's a convenient meeting place for the family. One day during the Kwanzaa holiday my uncle and I were hanging out after dinner.

The Second Installment of Beady Blue Eyes


If you haven't read my first post, "Beady Blue Eyes," I suggest you look through that first, as this is the second installment and will make much more sense if you do so.

I texted Beady Blue Eyes when I was home for Christmas. I wanted to get some sort of closure since we stopped talking cold-turkey five months ago. I told him I wanted to hang out and catch up. With a minimal amount of persuasion, he agreed to take me on a drive like he used to do.

He picked me up at my mom's house. We drove and talked, parked and talked, for four hours. We talked about our "relationship" and other things. Random things. Politics, knee caps, icicles.

Then after a long pause he said, "I feel like that five months never happened. Like we picked up right where we were." After I agreed he said, "And it's weird because I keep thinking I should kiss you 'cause..."

"That's what feels natural," I finished for him.

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