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Religion is Ridiculous

I was talking to a religious person the other day. They spoke with 100% confidence. Then I thought about how atheists, myself included, tiptoe around religious people. We don't want to offend them. It's the same feeling you get when talking about Santa Claus around kids.

I'm done with that. Religion is ridiculous. There is no god. I'm not even capitalizing the word anymore. There is no heaven.

The ONLY reason that anyone believes in these fictions is because of tradition and information being passed down through generations.

How To Drop Beliefs That No Longer Serve You

On Cameron Chardukian

All the beliefs you’ve acquired throughout your life were a perfect match for you at some point. If you were poor you likely preserved your ego by believing rich people were jerks, or that they had cheated the system. If you were at a low level in the social hierarchy you likely thought popular people were douchebags.

All beliefs serve us at the time they are first acquired. If they didn’t, we wouldn’t acquire them. However, regardless of where your beliefs originated it’s important to recognize dated beliefs and challenge their validity in your current life circumstances.

An example of this in my own life is the belief that popular people are douchebags. It’s a belief I’ve held as long as I can remember, and for most of my life this belief served me. As a kid I didn’t have the social skills to relate with those at the top of the social hierarchy, so rather than admit my own inadequacies I simply dismissed them as being jerks.

Was this an accurate assumption? Of course not. In reality there’s actually more assholes at the bottom of the social hierarchy, than the top. But I couldn’t see a way to become one of the popular kids so I held this belief for years because it allowed for the preservation of my confidence.

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