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A Slice of Humble Pie (Raw, of course)

For those who know me... well, even for people don't, it will come as no surprise when I say that I'm not a very humble person. I'm awesome, I'm aware of it, and I have no qualms making others aware of it. I pride myself on being self sufficient, and am generally of the opinion that if left on a deserted island I would not only survive, but flourish and create a civilization greater than the one we know now.

Anyone who was hoping I would some day be put in my place will probably really enjoy this post.

My mother and I had a bit of a tenuous relationship while I was in school. I would assure her that I was doing my homework, studying, and receiving good grades. My report cards would assure her otherwise, and usually she took their word over mine. We got along well, but the massive arguments spawned from school related issues cast a cloud over our relationship. Guess which parent accounts for my stubbornness and penchant for arguing.

So what does the title of this blog mean?

On A Driver Minded Guy Living in a Passenger Minded World

I had a subscriber recently email me this question and I found it ironic. For someone who constantly talks about clarity in communication, I kind of dropped the ball on this one. So, here's the answer to where I got the title, "Driver Minded Guy in a Passenger Minded World."

Driver Minded- One of the strongest strengths and weaknesses I have is my "driver" mentality. I am one who likes to get things done, often at the sake of creating awkward silences in planning meetings. Unfortunately, I haven't learned how to totally get around making others uncomfortable when the Driver comes out in me, but I have taken some of the edge off of it. I enjoy planning and creative sessions, but find equal enjoyment in getting action items together and most importantly... DONE! So, as you can imagine, this can create quite the conflict in this head of mine when I know I need to take the RPMs down but can't seem to find a way to do so.

Passenger Minded World- Unfortunately, I have noticed over the last several years the transition of most people to taking a passenger mentality. It seems so many people are afraid to make decisions and feel more comfortable allowing others to make the decision and they simply comply (and complain when no one is looking).

Frankly, these people drive me absolutely crazy. I am one who enjoys progress and a lot of times, have to remind myself not everyone thinks like I do. I also have learned, through many hard knocks, that it really is better to seek to understand prior to being understood.

Passenger minded people drive me crazy because sometimes, they have the best ideas, but just do not want to stick their neck out there. I have been through numerous meetings where I have sat next to a passenger minded person who had the best idea in the room. Had they not sat next to a big mouth like me, the idea would have gone unnoticed.

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