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Manish - Last Nap Not Deep Sleep

I think this is what makes the night more drowsy...for half the day time naps, I'm not sleepy, so it takes me too long to fall asleep and I don't fall into REM.

144. Caring Owners

On 365days 100words


JR knocked twice on the metal gate of the shed, and we waited for the postcard-sized window to slide open. “Three up. One to play.” Inside, bright yellow lights lit up a wooden platform splattered with blood and a severed paw of a Rottweiler who had just lost to a German Shepherd. JR’s Bullmastiff, Sly was up against a sleepy-looking Cane Corso, Spike. The latter’s bloodshot eyes suggested drunkenness, but his muscular shoulders were flexing. Noisy bets and cigarette smoke hung in the air as the animals circled each other; their growls creating a menacing low-end, if you paid attention.

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