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Ty - The Supernap

In bed at 4:30, dream, awake at 4:45. I'm totally alert and feeling great. Xbox helped keep me occupied (ironically setting it up took more time than playing), so I'll continue to use that until I am in "The Zone".

Overall I feel great and can't wait to conquer another day. I'm going to be so happy when I go two days in a row without being too sleepy.

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Have I spoke to about her eyes that keep making me go back to her?Yes,friend,I find them enchanting.I live in those eyes of hers.They are reflecting of her pure soul.I claim to have seen them not yesterday,but eons back when my petty destiny was being laid down by a lesser god.She is the daughter of your god.She has immense lakes of stunning depths in her those eyes.When bereft of the life-giving water I lie in a desert,I might as well think of her (and her beautous eyes) and survive death.

Do you know how they have rescued my petrified heart from the ugly gashes that life seemed to have gifted me at expected junctures?

In her eyes,have I discovered that elusive lust for life.

God bless you,friend,for having seen her eyes.

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