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Manish - Last Nap Not Deep Sleep

I think this is what makes the night more drowsy...for half the day time naps, I'm not sleepy, so it takes me too long to fall asleep and I don't fall into REM.

Other expats: the bulgarian

On Herald Hippo

There is this weird commercial in my home country that teaches us how to talk bulgarian english...It says "do something new: remember za parspactiv, za parsijian iend za parsantagi." For exact sounds find me...To be honest for me, all people that speak a slavic language but as well some of my countrymen have the same stupid accent. I do as well when drunk/high/tired. But getting back to this bulgarian. He's sexy, he does not have a big head (local saying), and he is sleepy. Always. As any respectable expat he has a czech girlfriend. Went to some other countries before, for now he is stuck in the CZ. And also between the "should I go to my girlfriend's parents cottage and cut the grass or should I go to my friend's bday party and see the stripper?" Getting drunk is the valid option for both cases. Now to present him in the good corporate way: good contributor, fulfills his tasks in time. Then he sleeps...:) But nevertheless a very good going out partner as he is the dude with weird stories about people he knows. Example: drunk guys in Poland (visiting) steal the sword from a statue. They go to jail. Peace out!

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