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How to Work When Others Don't Want You To

A situation I run into frequently, including right now, is being around people who would prefer that I not work all the time. They understand what I'm doing and are supportive of it, but they will make short term decisions to avoid me working. In other words, I'm visiting my family and if I were to ask, "Should I go get some work done or have fun with you?" the answer would always be fun.

This happens around friends when traveling sometimes, too. Maybe they came for vacation, but I travel so much that work has to be a regular part of my schedule, even when traveling. Whether with family or friends, it's a tricky balance. I'm not great at maintaining that balance, but I've been doing it for a few weeks, which has surfaced some thoughts on it.

One skill I've found to be really useful is to really be able to discriminate between things that must get done immediately and things that need to be done eventually, but not now. Right now we're moving Sett to a new server. I'm coordinating with Todd, and this is a high priority, so it has to be done now. Other things, like working on my habit book, can be delayed.

On the other end of things, I've been trying to evaluate family activities by a similar measure. Is this really quality time, or are we just sitting in the same room watching a movie? Is my participation central to this activity, or am I just another body in a room?

Crazy Day

On 20 year old ramblings

Today was a busy busy day.

I woke up and decided not to go to Psych today, since there's no attendance policy and I had already read the chapter, and instead, go shopping for things I needed for the Purim Spiel. Specifically black pants, a black tie, a white button down shirt, and something pink. I went to coral square mall and spent about an hour getting everything I needed, and a little bit more since I'm always looking for some more mature tops to add to my wardrobe of t-shirts and jeans.

I dropped things off at home, stopped off for some lunch at Subway, filled up my car, and started on my way to school. I had Acting today which is always fun. We worked on our temporary scenes and really gave our characters some life. I got a ton of compliments on my hair, which was really great.

After Acting I had my Math lab, which is just two hours of doing math. Not learning, not a lecture, just doing math. It's miserable. I got most of the way through before giving up, putting some videos from the textbook on the screen, and playing games on my phone.

As soon as I left class, I drove over to Victor's for five minutes so he could give me a dagger I was going to use for the Spiel. It's pretty with dragons on it. I'm not taking it out of the sheath, because that would be too dangerous, but that's better anyway because the sheath is stunning. I went home and had twenty minutes to change and gather all of my costumes together and make sure my sisters were doing the same. Usually I get to eat in that time, but not today.

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