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A Lucid Dream

I had my first lucid dream since beginning this thing.

I had woken up naturally after about 15 minutes of sleep, and as I was drifting back into dreamland, I realized that I was sleeping right as I started to dream. I thought "wow... let's try out this lucid dream stuff" and leapt off some stairs. I hit the pavement and it felt like real pain, although it didn't last. Then I figured that I needed to think about flying, and as soon as I did, I could feel myself being yanked way into the air.

It was a strange experience. I could barely see what was happening in the dream... everything was really fuzzy. But I could feel it as if it was actually happening. I woke up after just a minute or so.

Cam's Cure For OCD

On Cameron Chardukian

First off, let me cover my ass legally. I’m not a doctor. Don’t take this as medical advice. Consider these ideas to be “Entertainment.” Ultimately, you’re responsible for any actions you take as a result of this blog post. Seek out a qualified professional for any health difficulties you may or may not be struggling with.

With that being said, something I’d struggled with over the last 6-9 months was OCD. It was strange to me because OCD was something I’d never dealt with before, and around the onset of the 2013-2014 school year I developed a mild to moderate case of it.

I’d check my alarm clocks 3-4 times to make sure they were set each night. Inside my car I’d have to chant, “Lights off. Lights off. Lights off. Lights off,” before I could get out.

My eccentric behaviors weren’t running or ruining my life, but they were an almost constant low level anxiety. I’ve tried several different things to combat these strange inclinations over the past few months, and in doing so I’ve found several techniques and ideas that have served me in almost completely eliminating my OCD.

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