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My Three Days at Vipassana

I first heard about Vipassana from Rivers Cuomo, the lead singer for Weezer. He was explaining that despite being a rock star, he was celibate because of Vipassana. Powerful stuff, I guess. He raved about the benefits of it, although I don't remember exactly what he said anymore. It stuck in my mind, and over the years I thought about signing up, but something always seemed to be in the way of me leaving society for ten days to learn how to meditate.

The idea is simple and extreme, both of which appealed to me. You go to a meditation center in the middle of nowhere, agree to be silent and without any contact with the other world for ten days. Then, on a donation only basis, they teach you how to meditate, which you do for ten hours each day.

Finally, after knowing about it for five years, I signed up and went to a course. No notepads were allowed in, so this is reconstructed pretty faithfully from memory.

A Beginning

On [placeholder]

I am a person. A writer. An MC. I choose to create habits in my life that establish who I am. Character. To be a writer, all that is needed is a platform. I have written in notebooks and novels, facebook and wordpad. I have scribbled on receipts and marked my skin with thoughts. I have created passionately and at times with as much enthusiasm as a wet slug. Sometimes I let myself get in the way, other times I fly down the highway. Right now I'm falling into the words like a springtime seedpod spinning to new soil.

Continuing on my journey, I've let go of vices that no longer teach. I move forward into the unknown territory of creation. There is no way to know what comes next. Reading the future is a practice of the void-bringers. We live now.

But I can set goals for myself. Without ceasing to be present I reach into the future by crafting a vision.

This summer I am going to spend an hour each morning in exercise and mediation. If I choose, this could be my morning routine: Wake up at six and write my dreams down before meditating for twenty minutes. From meditation flow into yoga and stretching. After adequately stretching for 10 minutes, workout for 30. Following this I'd eat breakfast with Noah, Annika, and Dad, and then sit down on my own and write. Write for an hour. Music, blog posts, journal entries. It doesn't matter what I write, but how long I make an effort. It's the work that matters. Get into that flow of writing each morning after meditation and exercise.Imagine and focus on the benefits this will bring into your life. You will be forging your own path in the direction you wish to move in. That is the potential of this moment. I am a writer. I am at peace.After writing for an hour or more, I see myself working with the family on whatever projects they have on the farm. I'll eat lunch with the family, the afternoon and evening will be dedicated to my family. Around ten, I'd like to begin my practice of freestyling and improvising stories and beats. This hour will be dedicated to practicing new and difficult freestyle and beatboxing techniques. I hope to record these sessions on my voice recorder.

My two goals/focuses while in Sweden:

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