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Help Me Find a Parking Spot

Last week I  was sitting in bed, wrapping my brain around a programming problem presented by my newest project. With no warning, someone started pounding on the wall of my RV. No identification, no verbal communication. Just banging on the wall. Within a few seconds someone else started banging on the other side.

Would you open the door? I didn't. I shut my laptop and stayed as quiet as I could. I have light blocking curtains, but I could see that flashlight beams were reaching for the edges of them.

Then I heard someone try to open my driver's side door. It's locked. Then the passenger side. Also locked. I wondered if I remembered to lock the RV door. It gets tried, too, and the intruder can't get in.

Stop Shoveling Sand Into The Ocean And Overcome Overwhelm


Overwhelm is downright nasty. Few things cripple otherwise productive, creative, and enterprising people like being overwhelmed.

The worst state of overwhelm is probably when you start feeling like you're "shoveling sand in the ocean." It's when you're far behind schedule, but it seems like even working at maximum efficiency and intensity for an indefinite period of time won't make things any better.

It's an ugly place to be.

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