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I recently began a quest to become a deputized police officer. I want to get a police badge so that I can enjoy whatever perks come along with it, but also I'm fascinated to find out more about the police. As part of the process of getting the badge I will have to undergo standard police training and will actually do some policework every month.

I've been jumping with excitement over this new discovery. I can't wait to become a police officer. I mean, who wouldn't want a police badge?

Most everyone.

Eggplant Rollatini

On The Slightly Salty Bird

This is one of those dishes where I am told by some that they "do not like eggplant, but this is different. This does not taste like the eggplant I normally have tried". Tonight I prepared for a demo dinner I have tomorrow evening for 26. One of the dishes is Eggplant Rollatini with roast garlic herb goat cheese. I usually serve it with a tomato Apple brandy sauce but this time a tomato fennel wine sauce. Should be a fun evening. I will share pics. I just need to learn how to post them.


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