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Persistence Alone

My grandfather grew up in a small apartment in Lawrence, Massachusetts with fourteen older brothers and sisters. His mother stayed at home to watch after the family, and his father worked in a dry goods store.

His parents came from Italy to Ellis Island with no money. He grew up poor.

When he was ten or so he began to work at the dry goods store as well. His job was mainly to run into the rat infested basement and get tins of spaghetti to bring upstairs. He was allowed to keep a portion of the money, but most of it went to his parents.

The Grieving Partner

On The Constance Chronicles

About three years ago my partner lost her mother to an 8 month battle with melanoma. Amy and I had been dating for about nine or ten months when her mother was diagnosed with this brutal cancer. Once all the tests had been completed, the cancer was already at Stage 4 and this type of internal melanoma gave her close to a 20% chance of living. I had done some searches on the internet and after about 5 minutes of reading articles I knew the reality her mother would pass in less than a year. In my mind I had blocked out the idea of death. Death was supposed to happen, whether tragic or not. The idea was to celebrate life and not dwell on loss. I had experienced the loss of distant relatives but those experiences remained just that, distant. When Amy found out her mom was dying of cancer, I had to make a decision for myself. I could either stay with her and be supportive through this trying time or I could tell her it was too much too soon and leave. There were two ways one could cut this.

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