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RV Questions and Answers

My last post on living in an RV has generated a bunch of questions by comment and by email. Instead of responding to them individually, I'm going to answer them all here.

How long did it take you to outfit the RV with solar power?

Putting solar power into an RV is a simple job, primarily because most things in an RV (everything that I use) runs of 12V DC power instead of standard household 120V AC power.

Sunpower's strategy

On Travelling light

One of my class this semester is Cleantech: Business fundamental and public policy. It is taught by Stefan Reichelstein of the GSB and Dan Reicher of the Stanford Law school. My neighbor Rob Nagle is with me on this fascinating class.

Last Friday, our guest speaker was Tom Werner, the CEO of Sunpower, a three billion dollar integrated solar company. Mr. Werner gave us an overview of his company and made a very positive and convincing case for massive growth in the solar industry.

The most interesting part was a more restricted Q&A session with the professors, a journalist from the wall street journal and about a dozen students.

Here are some insights I gained from the event.

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