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Maximizing Your Opportunity Window

In my last post i talked about what NOW is the right time for. The implication, of course, is that there are certain periods of time where you can actually take advantage of opportunities that come your way. Let's call that your Opportunity Window. In the Standard American Lifestyle, that window is narrow. Really narrow. It probably starts somewhere at the end of senior year in college and ends a few months afterwards.

There are small blips of opportunity afterwards, too. Getting fired creates a window. Some sort of windfall income might create a window.

That sucks. Someone with a Standard American Life probably has no more than a year of Opportunity Window in their lifetime. It's only during those times that they can start a new business, leave their lives behind and try something new and exciting, or just make a drastic change.

Writing for Yourself

On Kevin Espiritu

Something interesting has happened after switching to SETT on my blog...I'm actually getting comments!  I started this blog for these reasons:

Prior to SETT, I was the only person that looked at the blog.  This is corroborated with a quick scan at my analytics since the blog was created...and this was just fine.  I wasn't writing for anyone but myself, and I did absolutely no promotion of my material whatsoever.

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