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A Busy Week

Wow, that was a really busy week. I'm not used to being busy at all - back in the day I had all the free time I could possibly imagine. Maybe it's about time to revisit polyphasic sleep? Here are some things that made me busy :

Work, of course. I've been waiting for weeks for a company to send us a new computer for our data center that lets me do fancy things. Last week it seemed like every day was going to be the day that it would be ready, so I would just wait all day for it to be set up. Then there would be some problem, and the process would repeat itself the next day. Finally this week it got all set up, so now I have more to do than I have time for. Yes! I love having things to do. It just so happens that this particular task is really fun too.

My car broke AGAIN. I have a 1994 S600, which is known to be one of the hardest (read : most expensive) cars to maintain. The reason is that it's a V12. Since it's basically two V6 engines stuck together, it also has two of a lot of components. Twice as many things to be broken. It also has a hydraulic suspension, which is what broke on mine. Of course this time I didn't take the car to the dealership.

On wanting

On Shane Dowling's Blog

Recently I moved jobs and the new company I work for was nice enough to give me a brand new, high-end, retina Macbook Pro. It’s a great machine and I’ve been reminded how great an operating system OSX actually is. Naturally, I’ve been looking at my own machine a little differently. It’s a Lenovo Thinkpad X230 with an SSD and 16GBs of RAM. Generally it’s faster than I’ll need for a long time and I’ve had no real issues with it, but after starting to use the Macbook and the terrific software built with it, I wanted it bad. One evening I started looking at pricing/portability and found one I wanted. I also started looking at software I could use I got excited, about to make a purchase. Then I stopped. I stopped and forced myself to make a list of all the reasons I wanted the Macbook that I couldn’t get on my currently machine. I made the list as specific as possible, not just “it’s pretty” or “all the apps are better”, here’s what I came up with.

Anyway I decided that instead of just paying hand over fist for a new Macbook that I’d try to replicate my needs using my existing hardware.

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