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Living in a Small RV: Odds and Ends

I'm not cut out for these series. I write a couple posts and then start wanting to write about other stuff, but I'm already locked in. Anyway, this is post three of the Living in a Small RV series, coming live from my RV on the side of the road in Austin, TX.


There are three tanks on an RV. Fresh, grey, and black. The freshwater is your water source to be used for showering, washing, and even drinking if you don't mind your water being a bit plasticky.

Just Press The Button! -- Toasters vs Breadmakers

On Linus Rylander

Imagine this: Making bread.


Tough, huh?

When you ask someone to picture an elaborate process, they usually don't. Like making bread. It's not one definitive thing. It's not a single image appearing in your head and you know exactly what it is and what it does.

A bunch of ingredients. Flour, spices, dough, ovens, breadmakers, kitchen utensils... and all the rest.

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