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Viszontlátásra 2016

And just like that another year has passed! Every year of my life has been better than the last. I used to believe that this was a nearly universal experience, as every year you should become smarter, learn from your mistakes, build on your successes, deepen your relationships, etc. But I talked to some people who told me that their years are up and down. Very hard to comprehend, barring some major death or catastrophe.

Anyway, I like to write my annual wrap-up because it helps me get perspective on what I was able to do in a year, how I progressed, how I met or missed my goals, and it lets me set a little bit of direction for the next year.


I really fell in love with Budapest as I mentioned in my annual wrap-up post last year. In May I had the idea to buy a place there with friends (not so original, as I've already done things like this), and I went there in August. Within six weeks we had closed and moved into the new place!

Vacuum or Void?

On The Daily Vomit

This is my 2nd of two blogs i have going, i have one on wordpress, and one here, wordpress is a strange beast I'm barely wraping my head around, but I'm getting there inch by inch. In the short time I've been on there I do seem to be getting traffic. I started this blog basically because it was given to me because i signed up for a newsletter. So I figured I'd use it as an experiment, which I've already talked about what that is.

As I was setting this one up, they seemed to really puch this whole idea that your guaranteed traffic, views with their built in community. But so far I've noticed all of my post get about 2 views, and i supect that both of them are actally me. I also notice when i browse the community, that almost all the other post i see get about 1 or 2 views. So I'm not really seeing any of the built in audience yet. Of course maybe my post just don't have intersting titles, or my blog name just turns people off. I suspect that may be more of the case than anything. But I'm ok with that.

As it is right now I'm more worried about me getting the content up there, and getting better at creating it than i am with whetehr anyone reads or cares about it. So I'm cool with the fact no one reads my post and no one cares whether not I'm going to try and post a new poem everday staing in March, becasue chances are my poetry is gonna suck bug time and no one is going to like it, so I'd rather no one reads it here.

But is this really posting in a vacuum? or is it more like void? or is it more like a rain drop landing in a ocean? Don't know?

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