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Life Nomadic Day 1

Life Nomadic has begun. Six months of not particularly careful planning and a full week of hectic scrambling to rid ourselves of nearly every earthly possesion has paid off.

As I write our first post for Life Nomadic, Todd's in the next seat over editing our first video. The kid behind me is pounding on my seat. Holy god. It's like he's playing Rock Band back there and the tray table is the drums set.

I'd always talked about freeing myself from a single location... making my income portable, all of my belongings portable, and becoming more comfortable being a nomad. After Todd and I took a random trip to Japan I realized that there are probably MANY places in the world that I'd like as much as, if not more than, the U.S.

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda : What I would tell my younger self and those in high school

On Ideas in the Making

First what my high school experience was like and how It got me to where I am now

Growing up for me was an interesting experience. For one I grew up in Puerto Rico, Which from what I have been told from friends who moved to the U.S., is nothing like a "normal" high school life. Having a senior skip WEEK instead of just a day where you ditch school as a class and literally go vacation, No matter where you lived you were only 20 minutes from a beach. Drinking age is 18, and that is barely enforced as well. There was even a day where all the teachers in school EXPECTED students to come in hungover and thus the teachers just showed movies in class while everyone slept. I'm not kidding guys.

Anyways, Throughout early high school I always thought I wanted to be a video game designer. I really liked video games and all I wanted was to live a simple life, make ends meet, maybe a save a bit and just play games and generally not care too much. Then halfway through high school I figured maybe If I found a way to become financially independent I could focus completely on playing video games and then never have to worry about making ends meet (a strategy I had learned from a video game! mentioned in one of my blogposts). This led me to read the four hour workweek which I found somewhere online and in the process I also found out about vagabonding.

If you haven't read vagabonding I suggest you go buy it and read it immediately. This sole book changed my life. I've read it something like 8 times and always become amazed at how good of a job it describes travel philosophy and life philosophy as well. With these two books In hand and reading countless blogposts, and also finding tynan in the midst of life nomadic, I became enamored with the idea of perpetual travel, learning languages, meeting foreigners and just becoming immersed in different cultures. But just one problem... I needed money.

This is where I wish the shoulda woulda coulda aspect of life comes into play.

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