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Saturday Delight

What? Two posts that aren't over a week apart?! Believe it...

A lot of exciting stuff going on over here.

First - I have seroiusly neglected my friends and my desire to have fun for the past few months because I've been working on an awesome project (Sorry guys, I love you and miss hanging out). I haven't been this excited about working on something until I wrote my book (yeah... the marketing part of the book isn't so fun).

Logging - its hard to make it right - part #3

On Developer Days

I continuing my journey and start the development of logging module extension that potentially will be interesting to everyone who like the concept of self-adaptive modules.

So far I identify two pieces of software that I have to build. I need better integration with JUL, with enabled support of markers and I need a set of helper interfaces/classes that will provide designed abstractions with simplest implementation. Code I will host on my GitHub project page (Self Adaptive Logs - Project Page).

Formatting is very important part of the logs. Properly selected messages will simplify logs reading a lot. So spent on this some time as I did. Use diagram below, it will help you to organize logs by types/logic as I did.

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