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I Will Teach You to be Rich Contest Results

On Tuesday I announced a contest to help Ramit promote his upcoming six week financial bootcamp. The premise was this: we played five rounds of Liar's Poker, and whoever could guess the final score and guess the final digits on our last dollar bills would win.

Before I show you the video with the results, I have a few comments. First, I wish that everyone won who predicted I would win 5-0. If I had giant buckets of money, I would buy each of those people a baby elephant for a pet. I would also buy wild hungry crocodiles for each person who said that Ramit was going to win 5-0.

So who won? The ex professional gambler or the bestselling financial advice author? Well, I'm not going to tell you -- you'll have to watch the video and find out!

Military Dad's Completely Uninformed Football Picks for Week 8

On Military Dad

Here's how much I've been following football this season: I just went back through my archive to make sure that I got the ridiculously long title for the post correct and I was amazed to realize this will be week 8. I was thinking it was somewhere around the fifth week. This really dampens the excitement I had for the fact that Miami has won three games. Whatever week it is, the kids are otherwise occupied, so it will just be me picking the games. I'm sure this will actually make things go worse, but you never know. Let's do it!

Carolina at Tampa Bay

This is the part where I blatantly cheat by picking the Thursday night game after it's already been played. I can only assume that the Panthers are continuing to be terrible, so I won't pick them on the road, but let me look at the score just to be sure...

Panthers to win!

Dallas at Detroit

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