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Poker and Pickup: Thinking Levels

As I've been immersing myself in poker, I've been overwhelmed by the parallels with pickup, in theory, practice, and in my experience as a student.

I'm not sure if this is pure coincidence, my mind trying to find a pattern where there's not one, or a genuine underlying pattern that probably extends to other areas of learning.

Pickup is the only other thing I can think of that I learned rapidly and by immersion. I made it my world for a year or two. As a result, I remember the learning process, whereas something like web development I can't really remember because I've been learning gradually.

Birth of an Ajumma

On The Best of Sett

I remember the first day I met her, when she took me to orientation. I got in her car and she was all smiles, but I couldn't figure out her English ability. What better way to do that then to crack a few jokes about cheating on her husband, fuck me right?

“That's a nice ring. It looks heavy.”

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